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Place a Wager on Dragon Tiger Betting at W88

When they say that the Dragon Tiger game has no equal, there is really no arguing that fact. 

The betting game is one of the most well-loved betting titles all across the world.

Whether that’s in India or in the United States, it doesn’t matter.

Bettors continue to flock to it for its easy mechanics and fun gameplay.

Whether you’re a veteran gambler or a new one, Dragon Tiger Gambling will always be appealing.

Currently, the platform W88 India has seen it fit to include it in its impressive betting catalog. 

What is W88 India? Only one of the greatest betting platforms in the world, that’s what.

Place a Wager on Dragon Tiger Betting at W88

Place a Wager on Dragon Tiger Betting at W88

Experience Dragon Tiger in its prime form with Dragon Tiger Online

Play from your mobile phone at any time you want. Try out other variations of the game including Dragon Tiger Live.

How to Play Dragon Tiger in W88 India

Are you eager to try Dragon Tiger W88? Most bettors would be.

Before you can play the game though you have to know its mechanics. 

Dragon Tiger Online is a lot like its original counterpart.

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In fact, barring a few minuscule changes, it practically plays the same. 

Each round of Dragon Tiger Gambling begins with two cards.

It’s a lot like Baccarat in that way, except that it has only two cards.

Essentially you can pick between betting on Dragon, Tiger or Tie.

If either Dragon or Tiger gets a higher value, that card wins.

Betting on Tie will mean betting that both Dragon and Tiger will produce an equal number.

How to Play Dragon Tiger in W88 India

How to Play Dragon Tiger in W88 India

Now, what happens when you win a bet? If it’s Dragon or Tiger, it results in the same amount.

But if you manage to win with a Tie, you will win eight times the amount.

The flip side to that Tie bet is that winning one is much less likely than the other two bets. 

Dragon Tiger Online Tips to Win 

Are you feeling lucky today? We think the betting odds really are in your favor.

With that said, there are a few tips that may help you win Dragon Tiger W88.

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Don’t rely too much on Tie bets.

Like we said, the likelihood of winning on that is smaller than Dragon or Tie.

Better to make only small bets on Tie if you really want. The 8x multiplier can turn your small bet into a significant one.

Make sure to select an appropriate Dragon Tiger table for your skill level.

So if you’re just a beginner, get a basic table. Don’t try out any of the more complicated bets yet.

Dragon Tiger Online Tips to Win 

Dragon Tiger Online Tips to Win

Brush up on the rules and Terms & Conditions of the site.

If you’re looking to try some bonuses, they may also have their own rules.

Whenever you access W88, make sure it’s done through official links.

You don’t want to become a victim of any phishing scams.

For more updates, news, and tips, check out our Tips page.

Register for W88 and Enjoy Dragon Tiger Titles

Have you finished registering yet? We assure you that W88 India continues to deliver.

One game variant we highly suggest you try is Dragon Tiger Live.

It’s a version of the classic game that simulates physical betting.

You get to interact with attractive live dealers while having fun playing Dragon Tiger.

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